Consuming vs Creating: Making Your Dreams Come True


Does that mean anything to you?

There is a principle by Stephen Covey where 10% of our life cannot be controlled. It’s the unexpected hurdles like your car breaking down. However the other 90% can be controlled and it’s our reaction to life. It’s how we decide to react to the hurdles. That’s one 90/10 principle. I love this concept because it’s the best way to go about life and the unexpected however it’s not the one I’m going to elaborate on today. Very recently, I stumbled upon a video about the 90/10 create/consume principle. Basically, you should be producing and creating 90% of the time and consuming only 10% of the time. This really got me thinking.

Yesterday, I spent over three hours on my phone after work surfing Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. I missed the gym because I was too tired from work. I picked up pizza for dinner because I didn’t feel like grocery shopping and making dinner. Yet, I spent three hours on my phone. I didn’t even watch a movie because I got caught up being on my phone. YIKES. That is scary and sad. Because those three hours I spent surfing apps weren’t making me feel good. I was observing what everyone was doing, what everyone had, what I lacked.

I could have done so much with those three hours of my life. I could have written a blog post (maybe even two). I could have written a few poems. I could have read my books. I could have made another poetry video. I could have done something within those three hours that would actually benefit me.

With technology getting faster, easier, and more innovative we can sometimes lose our self within it. Losing a bit of humanity even. I don’t want that. Being human, creating and feeling are such beautiful components of living. So… a little reminder to myself and you: next time you find yourself surfing social media and spending all day looking at your phone ask yourself if you could be doing something else. Something that would benefit you. Something that would allow you to feel alive, to connect with nature and life. Something that would help you reach your dreams and goals.

Check out the video here: Christina Galbato: #1 Tip For Female Entrepreneur