To release the dreams that flood my mind endlessly at night.
To inspire and give hope to myself and others that changing one’s life is possible.
To serve as a resource for others to gain awareness about themselves. Awareness of their needs and wants, fears, hopes and dreams.
To instill self love. Loving oneself will be the key to happiness.



I am Angelia but my family and close friends call me Angel. I have always admired bloggers and youtube videos. I have always dreamed of having my own creative outlet. For years I had tried to create a blog of some sort. I created blogs ranging from fashion and lifestyle, mindfulness and spirituality, and even a poem centered blog. Every blog I launched ended a few short months later. I now recognize the reasons for those failures.

Reason one- I never knew who I was and who I wanted to be. I was so lost. I tried so hard to find myself. I forced myself to become who I thought society wanted me to be. Hoping my similarities would make me just as successful as the people I admired. Two- lack of passion. I held myself back from showing my truest self on those blogs. My deepest thoughts. My feelings. The things that I held dear to me were shoved in a box and set aside from the world. At that time a mask seemed safer than showing the world who I truly was. Three- I was afraid. Afraid of failing, of success, of change. All the “what if’s” clouded my mind and I let fear win.

Let’s travel back in time. Spring of 2017, I went through a break-up that challenged my values. It stripped me completely of self love, leaving my mind and heart completely raw. I numbed myself to heal the pain. I was lost. The most I had ever been. I was unable to talk to anyone because I didn’t even know what to feel. So I started writing. Journaling all of my thoughts, fears, and dreams. I spent 6 months trying to heal my wounds. Soothing my worries. Practicing self love. In March 2018, I re-evaluated my place in life. I had improved tremendously in self love. But I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my career or life. I made a promise to myself. I promise to change my life. I was no longer going to wait for things to happen. I wanted my dreams to be my reality. After doing some research and dissecting every part of my life, I implemented a plan. Angelia Vang was resurrected.

In order to achieve my goals, I transitioned to a minimalist lifestyle. Finding value in experiences, relationships, and life rather than material items. I started tracking my spending and created a budget. I started investing in myself and focused on a building a brand that consists solely of my values and dreams. All the while, I’m hoping to inspire. Inspire others to a new perspective that there are other ways of living than what society says.


Pay off all debt including credit cards, car, and student loans within 3 years (2021).

Maintain the minimalist lifestyle by finding value in experiences, relationships, knowledge, and nature rather than material items.

Be true to one’s values and feelings.

Practice self love every day. Never forget to love yourself unconditionally.

Continue to dream. Dream endlessly.

Find more details and the break down of my goals in the Journal section.